Notice for Registration

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Notice for Registration






for successfully being admitted at Civil Aviation University of China(CAUC).

Your wonderful college life BEGINS NOW!!!!!!


This guidance handbook contains all the essential information that will facilitate your smooth onboarding experience to Civil Aviation University of China. If you go through this handbook you would become familiar with the registration procedures, travel information and life service.


In addition, feel free to check our website and public WeChat account to know about the university. Should you have any questions, please contact us by mail at studyatcauc@163.com


Welcome to Civil Aviation University of China, we hope to see you soon… 


Ⅰ. Most Important 最重要信息

1. Visa Application 签证申请

Please strictly prepare visa documents according to the instruction of Chinese embassy. If you need any support from the university, please contact us through the email.


2. Arrival Info  到校信息

Once you have confirmed your travel dates and time to the University, please send the detailed arrival information to the WeChat group according to the following example:


Name: Tiger Wong

Nationality: China

Departure city: Changchun

Fight number: 3U8816

Estimated time of arrival: 14:45 (24 hour system)


CAUC has close proximity to both Tianjin Binhai International Airport and Tianjin Train Station. Department of International Exchange and Cooperation and international student apartment building are located on the north campus.


1. From Tianjin Binhai International Airport to CAUC

taxi→11 km→35 RMB→15 min

Note: It is the fastest and the most convenient way to take a taxi, but remember to ask the driver for an invoice, and get off at the west gate of North Campus.




2. From Tianjin Railway Station to CAUC

(1)taxi→15km→35 RMB→30 min

(2)bus No.666→2 RMB→50 min





PS. If you cannot speak any Chinese, please show the following notes to any Chinese. They will be glad to help you.


Ⅲ. Registration 报到

1.Registration Date 报到时间

The registration process will commence on 28th August, 2019, within 8:00-11:50 to 13:30-16:50. Please arrive at the campus on time, otherwise we may not offer service beyond working time.

报到时间为2019828日,8:00-12:00 13:30-16:50,请在规定时间内到校注册,非工作时间可能无法为您提供服务。

If you are unable to arrive within the registration dates ,kindly contact the University via e-mail studyatcauc@163.com or wechat(tigerwongmgl or 18920093658 )in advance.

如果您无法准时到达,请通过邮件(studyatcauc@163.com)或微信(tigerwongmgl or 18920093658 )提前联系我校。

If you fail to register within the time limit without permission from Department of International Exchange and Cooperation of Civil Aviation University of China, your admission will be cancelled.


2.Registration Place 报到地点

Administrative Building, Room 231. You can follow the map.



3.Registration Material 报到材料

(1) Two 2.5X3.5cm photos, with your name on the back of them (white background)

 2.5X3.5cm 照片*2张(白色背景),后面写上名字

(2) 800RMB for Insurance


(3) Code of Conduct and Safety Precaution for CAUC Students (with your name signed)


(4) Accommodation Agreement for Foreign Students (with your name signed)


IV. Life Service 生活服务

1.Money Exchange 换汇

If you need to exchange your money into RMB, please visit Bank of China. Remember to take your passport.

如果您需要换汇,请携带护照前往中国银行(Bank of China)办理。


2.Bank Card 银行卡

You need an ICBC bank card to receive your scholarship and apply for your student card. Please visit the ICBC with your passport, some changes and study proof and deposit more than 200 RMB. Please ask for a piece of opening proof from the bank and give it to our office.



2.Student Card 校园卡

After getting your bank card can you apply for a student card which is used on the campus. Please make sure that there are over 200 RMB in your ICBC card, because Financial Department only accept bank card instead of cash. Please take your passport, your bank opening proof to come to Room 231.



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