Overview of SIAE
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Co-director (French): Bruno HALLER (雷贝诺)

Mr. Bruno HALLER is responsible for Sino-French cooperation, organization and coordination of Sino-French conferences and activities, and arrangements for foreign teachers.


Co-director (Chinese): YANG Xinsheng (杨新湦)

Mr. YANG Xinsheng is responsible for administrative affairs, personnel, finance, construction of discipline and major.


Party Secretary of CPC Branch at SIAE: XU Zhou (徐舟)

Mr. XU Zhou is responsible for the party-mass work, laboratory construction and management, development and utilization, science and technology innovation of students.


Deputy Director: NIU Yifan (牛一凡)

Ms. NIU Yifan is responsible for the teaching activities, assisting co-directors with construction of discipline and major, the construction of faculty team, and Sino-French cooperation.


Deputy Secretary of CPC General Branch at SIAE: LI Xin (李鑫)

Ms. LI Xin is mainly responsible for the work of students' affairs, promotion of the institute (including online channels) as well as external liaison (with relevant enterprises).